Deering ‘GDL’ (Greg Deering Limited):.. £ 3,350.00

C.2008, stained exotic burl walnut, ebony fbd with custom pearl & abalone inlays also in phd with ‘Deering’ logo, multiple w/b/w binding on resonator/neck/phd with fine abalone trim on side of neck & resonator, nickel pltd hardware, flathead 06-20 hole tonering, 1 pce flange, upgraded Oettinger style tpce & fancy pearl truss rod cover (originals in case), super rare custom order in tenor configuration and almost unplayed condition, ‘Irish’ set up at the moment and an absolute belter with wonderful depth of tone & projection, (current retail price: US$6,999), EC, original ‘Deering’ hard case.