Windsor ‘The Monarch Imperial Deluxe George V’:.. £2,250.00

C.1928, heavy spunover 11” rim, natural finish walnut laminated neck & solid turned resonator, ebony fingerboard & phd overlay with fancy engraved pearl inlays including ‘G V’ + ‘Windsor’ & crown, gold plated hardware, Paramount copy archtop tonering & associated fittings, engraved ‘Windsor’ tpce, Page tuners with unusual minty green buttons, interior engraved brass plate noting model spec & ‘Castle Works Birmingham 1928’, pretty much unplayed condition, rare if not unique custom order as per leaflet shown (£32 and 8 week delivery!) so likely only made as a prototype (anyone else seen one?), EC, OHC (refurbished).

King George V was actually a jazz fan and hosted the first concert of its type at Buckingham Palace in 1919, as per this article

Thus, this was possibly made as a presentation model to KGV for playing with his house band ‘The Saxe-Coburg Syncopaters’ but, sadly, no corroborating evidence available.