John Alvey Turner
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“Mastertone copy”

China, recent, sunburst, flamed maple, chrome plated parts, flathead tonering, 2 pce flange, rosewood fbd with fancy pearloid inlays, almost unplayed condition, very nice quality with typical power and projection, EC, HC



Clifford Essex

“Concert Grand” Conversion

Natural maple, c.1930 rim & flange/resonator, patent tonering (copy of Vega ‘Whyte Laydie’), all original nickel pltd hardware, Vega ‘Little Wonder’

19-fret tenor neck, c.1920s, new planetary tuners, comes with original plectrum neck, a superb Irish tunemaster that will cut through any session, EC, HC.



Clifford Essex

“Paragon” Conversion

c.1926 rim assembly from original 5 string, natural maple, nickel pltd hardware, patent archtop tonering, new Renaissance head, excellent copy tenor neck c.1992 by Rob Aylward, non original style fancy pearl inlays, modern geared tuners, fine sounding and playing example of this Irish musician’s icon, EC, HC.



Gibson “Bella Voce”

c.1927, rosewood, gold plated & engraved fittings, rosewood fbd/phd, fancy pearl inlays, red/yellow/green sparkle binding, 40 hole archtop tonering, tube & plate flange, pearl button engraved Grovers, carved & painted resonator/rear of phd/heel, one of only 20 rosewood Bella Voce TBs (175 made in total) all custom ordered, a rare and special offering that sounds and plays as well as it looks, EC, OHC.



May Bell by Slingerland

c.1930s, a riot of cream pearloid and gold sparkle, chromed parts, simple tonering, easy playing mid level unit with newer geared tuners, EC, semi hard case



Reg Baynham (Surrey)

c.1970’s, mahogany neck/resonator, ebony fbd, pearl phd inlay, all aluminium rim with individual flanges, geared tuners, basic but good player for jazz or Celtic styles, HC, EC



Stromberg Deluxe

(Boston USA), c.1920s, 20 frets, 24” (610mm) scale, beautifully figured Brazilian rosewood, multi colour marquetry banding, ebony fbd with fancy abalone inlays, engraved nickel pltd hardware, carved heel, engraved 2 band Grover pearl button tuners, patent archtop 'Cuppo-Phone' tonering, rhinestones in phd look to be old but later addition, rare top of the range classic from famed company that went on to make some of the finest jazz era archtop guitars, EC, HC




“Little Wonder”

c.1930s, sunburst, maple, simple semi spunover tonering, ebony fbd/phd with Vega star, engraved flanges, geared Grovers, rare late model with some wear to the finish but no cracks/repairs, strong tone and easy player for jazz or Celtic stylings, VGC, HC



Vega Style R

“Whyte Laydie”

c.1928, 17 fret short scale (21”/530mm), large 12”/300mm rim with patent tonering, nat.maple rim/neck, ebony fbd/phd overlay with pearl stars & dots, close fitting 'pie section' resonator, new geared tuners, some playwear on neck but no damage or repairs, rare model and favourite Irish tune plucker, VGC, OHC



Vega Style R

“Whyte Laydie”

c.1930, nat.maple, ebony fbd, star inlays, patent flathead tonering, pie section resonator with individual flanges, nickel pltd hardware, geared Grovers, fine original player for jazz or Celtic stylings, EC, period HC.



Vega Tubaphone

Style M

c.1928, 17 fret, 21” scale, stained maple, ebony fbd with fancy pearl inlays, nickel pltd hardware, 2 tab Grover tuners, individual flanges, pie section resonator has some refinish otherwise no breaks or repairs, superb short scale TB for Irish jiggery, EC, OHC




By Lyon & Healey (Chicago)

c.1930s, natural maple, nickel pltd hardware, ebony fbd with fancy abalone inlays, birdseye maple resonator with fancy 'art deco' marquetry inlay & engraved flange, flathead 'doughnut' tonering,  Kerschner 'Unique' tpce, a top professional quality TB for all styles in exceptional original condition, EC, OHC



Tenor Banjos

See also our selection of Tenor Guitars

All tenor banjos may be assumed to have full resonator and flange fittings except where noted.

All banjos sold as shown with calf vellum or plastic head fitted, except as detailed in description - please check if unsure. We are happy to change as required but will charge accordingly - please let us know prior to purchase

WE BUY, SELL AND EXCHANGE all fretted instruments - guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, Hawaiians, resophonics - in fact, anything cool, interesting or unusual!

Worldwide courier delivery can be arranged at cost.



b/s = back and sides : btn = button : inl = inlaid

fbd = fingerboard : pgd = pickguard : phd = peghead : pce = piece

tpce = tailpiece : t’shell = tortoiseshell

mop = mother of pearl : aba = abalone : adj = adjustable

HC = newer hard case : OHC = original hard case

OSC = original soft or semi-hard case : GB = gig bag


Mint/as new = all original unplayed condition

EC (Excellent Condition) = all original, no repairs/refinish unless noted, some playwear

VGC  (Very Good Condition) = basically all original, may have minor repairs/refinish but no other issues unless noted, moderate playwear

GC (Good Condition) = generally sound, possibly some repairs/refinish, may need work as noted, moderate to heavy playwear

PC (Poor Condition) =  Issues and work required as noted

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