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Eastman MD305

NEW (China), A-5 style, matt brown stained, hand-carved spruce top and maple b/s, bound top, basic but great sound for those on a tight budget. GB





NEW (China), F-5 style artist model, matt brown lacquer, hand carved spruce top & 1 piece figured maple back, ebony fbd, bound top, best value on the market for build quality and sound, GB



Embergher “Orchestra Style A”

c.1940, roundback, natural spruce top & maple back, mahogany neck, rosewood fbd, inlaid t’shell pgd, all original with no cracks/repairs, excellent professional grade classical mandolin from Rome’s most celebrated atelier, EC, HC



Embergher Copy

(Japanese made c.1970s?), natural spruce top & rosewood back, mahogany neck, rosewood fbd, slotted phd, decorative scroll pgd inlay, sweet tone and excellent projection, EC, GB.



Gibson Model A


c.1923, oval hole, varnish finish, shaded dk red carved spruce top, superb dk red 1 piece flamed maple back/sides, mahogany neck, ebony fbd, pearl ‘Gibson’ logo & abalone ‘fleur de lis’ in phd, truss rod, patent adjustable bridge, unusual (but original) coffee coloured tuner buttons, some honest playwear but no cracks/repairs, this fine example has the power, tone and playability that demonstrates why these are often cited as the ‘holy grail’ of Gibson A models, EC, OHC



Gibson Model A

c.1918, oval hole, Sheraton brown carved spruce top, dk brown carved maple b/s, mahogany neck with ebony fbd, missing pgd and replaced bridge, plenty of honest playwear but no cracks/repairs, classic teens  A model with characteristic resonant tone and projection, VGC, HC



Handmade Mandolin (UK)

Unknown maker, recent, roundhole flatback, nat.spruce top, stained & figured maple b/s/n, ebony fbd, slothead, fancy marquetry banding, slight top sinkage does not affect structure or playability, loud and full tone, EC, GB



Lebeda F-5 'Premium Plus'

c.2002, top of the range bluegrass cannon from Czech master luthier, golden brown sunburst lacquer finish, carved spruce top and flamed maple b/s/n, radiused ebony fbd, coloured abalone inlays, gold plated pearl button Schallers and cast bronze tailpiece, triple binding, it's all there; fit, finish, tone, projection and half the price of an equivalent Gibson, EC, OHC



Perreti Figli


c.1900s, roundhole flatback, bent spruce top, bound rosewood b/s, slim mahogany neck & slotted phd, radiused extended ebony fbd with oval pearl inlays, inlaid t’shell/ivory scratchplate, in style of Embergher but not bowlback, new Schaller tuners, excellent quality fit & finish, classical tone with tremendous projection, EC, HC



Scala Flatback

(Germany?),  c.1930s, flatback, oval hole, dk sunburst, spruce top, maple b/s, mahogany neck with ebony fbd, pearl logo, engraved tuner plates, pgd screwed to top, some varnish touch up to top but no cracks/repairs, easy folk style player with resonant tone and strong projection, VGC, GB.



Suzuki Style 80 Roundback

c.1970s, natural spruce top & maple back, black lacquered maple neck, rosewood fbd, fancy marquetry top & soundhole border, no cracks/repairs, scooped fbd extension, sweet but strong player, EC, GB.





b/s = back and sides : btn = button : inl = inlaid

fbd = fingerboard : pgd = pickguard : phd = peghead : pce = piece

tpce = tailpiece : t’shell = tortoiseshell

mop = mother of pearl : aba = abalone : adj = adjustable

HC = newer hard case : OHC = original hard case

OSC = original soft or semi-hard case : GB = gig bag


Mint/as new = all original unplayed condition

EC (Excellent Condition) = all original, no repairs/refinish unless noted, some playwear

VGC  (Very Good Condition) = basically all original, may have minor repairs/refinish but no other issues unless noted, moderate playwear

GC (Good Condition) = generally sound, possibly some repairs/refinish, may need work as noted, moderate to heavy playwear

PC (Poor Condition) =  Issues and work required as noted

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made in Spain c.1920s?, 12 nylon strings (6 double courses, tuned one third higher than regular guitar), 265mm scale, 270mm wide, pine top (1 repaired crack), Spanish walnut back/sides, violin style ebony friction pegs, cute old Spanish style folk instrument in nice playing order, VGC



Clifford Essex

“XX Special”

Melody Banjo

c.1910s,  4 string, nat.maple, 13” mandolin scale, open back 11” rim with Whyte Ladye style tonering (later called 'Concert Grand'), rosewood fbd with engraved pearl inlays, slotted phd, extremely rare model with exquisite early CE workmanship, EC



P Beuscher

Octave Mandola/


c.1940s?, flatback, 23”/580mm scale, walnut neck/back/sides, spruce top with inlaid pgd, fancy coloured purfling, Maccaferri style ‘grande bouche’ soundhole, thick ebony fbd with abalone dots,  new bridge, rare and unusual offering from famed Paris music dealer, plays easy with sweet resonant tone, ideal for folk tunes and songs, EC, GB