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Adjustable, 2 foot 'Gibson' style:      ebony - £ P.O.A.    rosewood - £ P.O.A.

Mandolin banjo: maple with fretwire top, 4 feet, 1/2” - £ P.O.A.


'Gibson' style, sliding cover:     nickel - £ P.O.A.       gold - £ P.O.A.


Schaller set for A or F style, pearloid buttons:    nickel - £ P.O.A.       gold - £ P.O.A.


Raised type, plastic with metal clamp for A or F style: 3 ply black/white/black - £ P.O.A.

tortoiseshell colour - £ P.O.A.


Plywood, shaped, black leathercloth covering, plush interior, chrome fittings:

F style: - £ P.O.A.

A style & most flatbacks: - £ P.O.A.

Rectangular: - £ P.O.A.

Classical roundback: - £ P.O.A.

Also available: cases as above for mandola, bouzouki etc

- Contact us for price (dimensions vary, so check carefully).

We also have some stock of, or can source, original vintage fittings

for a wide variety of instruments

Post & Packing on all Mail Orders Charged at Cost

Contact us for your specific needs.