Fairbanks ‘Special Electric no5’ copy by Dave Stacey c2011:.. £ 1,500.00

Reduced from £1,650.00

26” scale mahogany neck, bound ebony fingerboard & phd overlay with superb engraved ‘no.5’ pearl & abalone inlays, ‘frailing’ scoop, Stewmac ‘Planet’ tuners, c.1925, Vega ‘Little Wonder’ maple rim, refinished to match neck, repro ‘style 5’ binding/purfling & ‘Electric/Whyte Laydie’ scalloped tonering, repro nickel pltd hardware & Kershner tailpiece, stunning reproduction of 1890s Fairbanks with a few modern upgrades (scoop/geared tuners) and forerunner of the celebrated ‘Whyte Laydie’ model, tone & playability par excellance, EC, HC.